By: Executive Director – Andréa Sanderson

Since I accepted the position of Executive Director for your esteemed society, I have worked hard to create a more efficient registration process. Now that we have created multiple options for attending our meetings – in person, live-stream, and webinar – there has been some confusion about our process. So, let me explain the process to alleviate the frustration some of y’all experienced during our July meeting. During this season of uncertainty and concern for public gatherings, we have created three options for attending our continuing education courses.

In-Person: Attending In-Person – this seems self-explanatory, but this means you intend to attend the event in person. Please note that if you become ill, have been in contact with someone who is ill, or just decide to attend the CE via Zoom, you are welcome to do so. All registrants will sign up with an individual email address so that you may choose to live-stream rather than attend in person. Please email me so that I can update your registration – we need an accurate head count for in-person attendees for food and beverage services at the meeting. You can change your in-person registration to live stream up to the day before the event.

Live-Stream: Virtually Attending on the Day of the Event – this means you plan to watch the event via our Zoom Live-Stream on the SAME DAY AS THE EVENT IS OCCURRING. You will be required to register not only with ETDS, but also when you log in to Zoom using the same name and email address used to register for the event. Both name and email must match in order to obtain a Live-Stream CE Certificate for the event. You may only view the Live-Stream event on the day of the event. Live-Stream is NOT the same as a Recorded Webinar. If you register for the Live-Stream intending to view the Recorded Webinar, your registration fee will not be refunded. If your office chooses to watch the Live-Stream as a group, please email the names of the attendees to the Executive Director at

Recorded Webinar: Self-Study Webinar After the Event – this means you plan to view the recorded course at your leisure AFTER the event occurs and up to the webinar expiration via our website. The registration for this option is different from our in-person and live-stream registrations. Additionally, the registration for this will not be available until the course is posted on our site, which can be up to two weeks after our event as the event must be recorded and uploaded to our website. Our Recorded Webinar courses are typically available for 4-6 weeks once they are uploaded. You will receive a CE Certificate for Webinar / Self-Study CE credit once you complete the online modules for the course.

Cancellations: Please note that registrations for In-Person are refundable until the Friday prior to our meetings. At that point, we have turned in our numbers for seating and food to our venue. Refunds for your Zoom registration are available until the day before our meeting.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we work to make registration an easy and cohesive process. As always, if you’re expecting an email from us, be sure to check your spam/junk folders.

Best Regards,
Andréa Sanderson
Executive Director, East Texas Dental Society