TDA PERK Program

The nitty-gritty

TDA Perks Program’s motto is “Value for your Profession.” And deliver value is what Perks does. To Perks, value means several things:

A good product at a good price

Perks partners are top-tier companies—a blend of blue chips, established dependables and a few up-and-comers with exciting potential. Through Perks, TDA members enjoy negotiated discounts and outstanding promotions.

Uncommon customer service

When TDA members participate in a Perks program, if they have an issue, they can contact Perks for help in getting it resolved. Perks is their inside line to people who can get things done.

Free educational resources

Perks provides need-to-know information on subjects ranging from insurance and compliance to marketing and technology. Perks delivers articles, symposiums for new dentists and for TDA-member staff, webinars and quick shots of information via email